Give course Marketing Step By Step


new program Marketing Step by Step, currently unpublished. The only other people who had access to this program is also a bonus promotions affiliate other by Eben own.


Session 1: Introduction to Marketing

Session 2: 12 Attitudes Marketing

Session 3: Why we think, feel, and behave as we do

Session 4: What are your customers really buying -, and why

Session 5: Discovering customer needs

Session 6: Create your avatar to the customer

Session 7: Branding vs. Marketing Response

Session 8: Marketing as Education

Session 9: Naming Your Product or Service

Session 10: Positioning - Have your niche mental

Session 11: Marketing Stair Step

Session 12: Move the line free

Session 13: The Form Title

Session 14: Your conversion story

Session 15: Copy of the marketing that sells

Session 16: How to ask for action

Session 17: Formula marketing message

Session 18: Partnerships with others to sell your products & services

Session 19: The formula orientation

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