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Give equal chance for success

Hello fiverr CS and editorial team…

We can see selected gigs on high rating and recommended list. There is no chance to success on fiverr new sellers and other lot of sellers from around the world. Every orders getting to first one or two pages of high rating and recommended list. We can see same gigs on these pages. But we all are happy to work with you and get some orders and earn something. But here rich man going to richest. Poor man going poorest.

Check online marketing social marketing category first pages every time same gigs and they are getting tons of order per a day. But we are getting 0 orders. But we all are offering same service with same quality. Guaranteed. We do not need tons of orders. But if you can give chance to get 2 - 3 orders per a day.

I think you will look for this. And also i suggest to get some replies from same sellers suffering this problem.

Look forward better reply. thanks

Totally agree with you. I have had such a hard time finding a way to promote my Fiverr without looking desparate, so if they could make a feature which gave a helping hand to people with no gigs would be more than welcome.

I was in desperate need when I started. That’s probably why I worked so hard. It took me about 90 days to get traction. When you start, it won’t pay this months bills, but if you work really hard and can hold your breath, it really can get off the ground in 2-3 months.

I will privately send you my monthly stats,

Reply to @landongrace: I 100% agree with you. For example, I decided to give away for free some extras from my gigs to the first clients. I think it’s a good idea.

Reply to @landongrace: Excuse me, but can I ask you a personal question? How much money do you make each month? We have an incredibly difficult financial situation in Ukraine and I need to earn around $300 each month to pay for bills and buy water and food. Is it possible to earn this amount of money after 18 months for you? Do you work somewhere else? It’s really interesting to hear answers on these questions from a Top Seller to understand what are we going to have in the end. Please, say a few words about these! :slight_smile:

Fiverr CS, editorial staff or any other staff are very unlikely to see this. Most forum sections are primarily for sellers talking to other sellers. Some buyers read forums on and off. To contact staff you need to post in the suggestion box or just write to CS.


“Check online marketing social marketing category first pages every time same gigs and they are getting tons of order per a day. But we are getting 0 orders. But we all are offering same service with same quality.”

—That is not true. We’re not all offering the same service with the same quality, some are better, some are worse, some are faster, some are slower, some know what they’re doing, and some don’t.

Fiverr would be a miserable place if everyone was allowed to get one order per day and not more.

This girl for example does video reviews. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Suppose I need someone ethnic, someone old, a man, then I hire someone else. So you see? We’re not all equal, so we’re not gonna have an equal chance for success.

My friend recently joined Fiverr and got five orders in the first week.

If you aren’t selling on Fiverr, it’s because nobody wants what you’re offering or because you aren’t presenting it well enough. I could create an account tomorrow and get a few sales off the bat. I’m not saying that to be patronising, I’m saying that so you stop blaming your lack of success on Fiverr.

Go learn about the art of selling, then when you think you’re done, learn some more.

Reply to @sara1984: I 100% agree. If you are a professional you will manage to sale, if you aren’t, then my friend it’s your and only your fault. I sell on Fiverr for 15 days and I made 9 sales. So, it’s only 36$ for 2 weeks, but I think it’s a good start. Do as much as possible and you will succeed!

Reply to @volodymyrpro7:

Wow, that’s awesome. Way to go!

Reply to @sara1984: Thanks for saying that.

Reply to @sara1984: Thank you! :wink:

I was just like you 18 months ago. I setup my first gig along side of many providers that were way ahead of me. I provided incredible deals to get those first sales. Worked really hard. Pushed through the levels and here I am. You can too! The system works great and it is promoting the gigs you post.

I have 1100 gigs completed and no negative feedback. I see new gigs, with no previous sales in front of my gigs everyday in the “recommended” search. That’s Ok. The system is over promoting new people to help them get a start. Just like it did for me when I started.

Fiverr can give you exposure but it can’t make people buy your gig. You must present yourself well and really give those first 100 gigs away. Give an incredible deal for $5. Give an incentive for people to try you rather than use someone who has the completed job experience. It will pay off!

Some excellent advice from LandonGrace above. Some really good tips there.

You need a much better write up. Your gigs are not equal in any way. Look at your profile about you, you say this only:

"Hello…I am expert to market or promote your anything in social media. Hire me to see the different. thanks"

What experience do you have? You say nothing about why anyone should order from you. Your English needs some work as well.

The same thing is true of the actual write up for each gig. I would go back and really start to read some other peoples gigs more fully and look at their profiles to see what they write. You can’t just say you are an expert and that’s it…anyone can call themself an expert, no where do your gigs give any information the reasons they should by from you.

YOu profile should read something more like this:

I am a social media marketing and promotions expert. I have been doing this work professionally for XX years. Xxxxx then add one or two

@fastcopywriter @sara1984

I am agree with you both. in DEC 2014 i started career . and in start i got only few sales. but day by day i increases due to quality work. till i have completed more then 105 orders. so no need to blame fiverr . if you sell quality you will get lot more sales. just working hard…

I just need to learn how gig will featured what special you want in your gig to get it.

@fastcopywriter can you give me suggestion.

Thank You

Reply to @mallika255: Hi Mallika, thanks for agreeing with me, and congratulations on your success.

If I were you, I’d write your about section in the third person.

"Mallika is an SEO Specialist with over 6 years of experience in Internet Marketing. Her services include website audit, site analysis, promotion, and Google penalty remediation, among other SEO services. Hours of Operation are Monday through Saturday, XXam to XXpm."

I don’t do the hours of operation thing because I’m happy doing Fiverr everyday, but I’m starting to hear complaints from sellers that want to get orders only when they’re in front of their computers, so it occurs to me this idea might benefit you.

As for how to get your gig featured, come up with an original gig and be the first to do it. I only have one featured gig for that very reason. Ironically, that gig isn’t even my best seller. So the good news is you can succeed with anything on Fiverr, it’s just a question of market demand and the quality of your work.


Thank You for your suggestion. i did change in my profile. I am here since 2 month and getting really valuable suggestion from my seniors like you and really feeling happy for kindness.

Thank You very much again.

Reply to @mallika255: My pleasure, best of luck to you. :slight_smile: