Give Fiverr A Break


Just thought I would put out there amongst all the negatives what a good job the fiverr team do.

The main system works, it is a good service, you add your gig, people buy, you get paid.

Yes it may take two weeks + but that is unfortunately a necessity because of all the charge backs, scammers and fraudsters out there.

I think they probably spend more time than they wish on the above which dilutes the time needed for genuine users and comments.

Some stuff does not work 100%, stats updating and alike but to be honest I would rather keep the orders and money coming in than see these.

Customer Support do a great job but people can help themselves in most instances, ask here on the forum, use common sense, use the What are you looking for ? search box up in the top right before posting as 9 times out of 10 there will already be someone out there who has asked the same or similar.

I am sure all the issues will be dealt with just give them a chance to catch up…

Also just to reiterate a couple of my other posts please do not use the forums as a place to spam your links as a) it is very annoying and b) no one will respect you or buy your gigs if you adopt this behaviour.

As a summary I have enjoyed making some extra income over the last 2 years+ and hope to continue doing do.

Well done fiverr and thanks for all your help, keep up the good work…


Agreed!! I’m so thankful that they work so hard to support us. Human responses are much more appreciated than a generic auto-response, so I don’t mind waiting since I know that someone on the other end is taking time to respond to our requests. Without Fiverr, I’d be in a very different position in life. We can’t be biting the hand that feeds us! This system works just fine… so, I’ll echo what jeffmoses said and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!


@adnagam - Thank you for your comment. Do you think I would have got more responses if I was moaning about something :wink:

All - Please post a bit of positivity here…


Well you did post in “The Ranting Pot”. :slight_smile:


You can rant about good things :wink:


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