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Give it to me straight

Hey all. I just made my Fiverr gig last night, and I’d love for you to tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong so I can fix it.

Is my copy bad? Do I need more pictures? Do I need to reshoot my video?

Let me know! I really appreciate it.

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I see no real issue with your gig. Why do you feel its a problem? You’ve only joined this month, have patience with yourself and trust the process :slight_smile:

You can advertise your gig on your own or you can play the waiting game as fiverr will kind of do it for you. Eventually you will get an order. It can take up to a month which is what I feel is the most common. It took me about a month. I just waited. Once that happens you’ll steadily start to get mor orders. Just trust the process.

Edit: You should probably take out the write about anything part. There are some weirdos with weird requests but its up to you.

I would agree with prroducer99plus, you’re doing fine. Just give it time.

Okay man.
I’m going to do exactly what you’ve asked. Normally I’d hit you with some strange, gonzo influenced, “new journalism” crap and make a parody of this request… but I’m gonna shoot you straight. The video - quality, tonality, personality- isn’t really an issue. As a guy with low quality videos floating around my gigs, I tend to think that the quality of what I’m offering (music) should be the most important example I’m demonstrating.

But… You look young. Super young. Yes, I just hit you with some category five, full blast ageism.

Now, I’m not suggesting that blogging leans older. Nor am I creating a direct thread between professionalism and a specific age. What I am saying, however, is that your target audience seems to be business owners. The average age of business owners (in America) is 50 years old. If this is your core consumer, while it’s true that they’ve probably put a younger person in charge of scooping copy for their product/service content , you still need to be considering the buyer’s perspective.

What I’m getting at is this: You need a Colonel Sanders wig. Think about it… who loves chicken? Everyone. Everyone includes who? Business owners. Business owners need what? Content. Bada bing.

Sorry man. I couldn’t resist.

What I really suggest is getting an amazing video creator to make a top notch video for you, including your voice over.
Look, I’m not judging… it’s easy for me throw this advice about. After all, I’m a musician. I could film myself in war paint with a needle sticking out of my arm and the consumer would say, “Wow, he really is a working musician.”

However, if my core audience wasn’t other musicians, I’d do anything it took to get to the next level.

Read everything here. Use all the typical marketing devices you’re already aware of and go at it hard.

But more than anything… Colonel Sanders wig.

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Sound advice, mixed into a flavorful story. Not as flavorful as fried chicken, but good enough.

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As you have said “give it to me straight” here it is …Some buyers will look at your profile photo of a young lad checking his phone … then they will look at your profile description and see that you have 2 years experience and have throughout your career grown numerous companies by over 500%. That claim would be hard to substantiate and I think that some buyers may have a problem with this. Suggest you tone it down a bit and have patience. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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