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Give me a Suggestion in complex Situation

Hello readers, I am suffering from a complicated situation on my Fiverr account. I have a previous account - “Dhruv_1563” & I am doing my article writing service nicely. I got 5 orders and earnt 50 USD. But after then, I got a total of 4.7 stars of review from my customers. Nowadays I don’t have any orders due to that bad rating, because my GIG can’t be placed at the head page of rated sellers. I made another fresh account with that service - “Dhruv1563” to continue my work.
Suggest I have done right or wrong.


That was wrong. Having more than 1 account is a violation of the Terms of Service and will most likely get both of your accounts banned.


That’s not how it works. He even used pretty much the same username. I’m guessing the mail address, phone number etc, are also the same.


i don’t thinkk fiverr allows to use the same e-mail address and mobile number again and again and the rest think is that username do not matter so much because there are lot of sellers with same username.

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And offering the same services with the same gig images and descriptions in the same location.

If you get a bad review, you learn from the experience and wait until you get another chance to prove yourself, not violate the TOS.


A 4.7 rating is not horrible - what are you going to do on this new account which is against the TOS, so yes, you did do something bad - when this new account gets a rating you do not like and takes you to 4.7 or lower? Just making new accounts even if it were permissible is not the answer to gaining traction and trust of clients here. What you should have done was keep the old account and work hard to get your rating back up. I am sure you used the same payment and personal information to register this account and your next post will be, “I was banned for no reason”…



Thats not right way…its like you are cheating system and platform you are working on…
If Tos says you can have only one account you must have only one…

Getting a 4 star rating because of way too many grammar mistakes can make it difficult to get new orders.

Of course, getting banned because of a ToS violation isn’t much of a solution.

That’s not it. One person isn’t allowed to have more than one account, no matter the internet connection (or anything else).

Or do you have more than one account, too?


You’re just asking for trouble here. Rather than create a new account from nothing why not just work hard on the account you have, put all of your best effort into that one account, learn from mistakes, gain more sales. That’s the way it works, not by just simply giving up at the first hurdle.

If that’s the way you’re going to play the game I’m guessing you won’t last long in this marketplace to be honest.

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You are right, @janali that I am using both accounts is TOS violation. But even I improve myself I can’t get orders because I haven’t any solid reviews behind my gigs.

You all are right, should I delete my first account and rum the fresh one?

Okay, I will delete second (This account) to be TOS friendly & Work hard on the another account

Good choice. Good luck!


Instead of assuming something is right and only asking if it’s ok after you’ve done it, why don’t you read the rules, which you agree to when you sign up?

You would know the answer to this question if you’d read the ToS. The forum isn’t a replacement for research.

Why on earth would Fiverr let you have two accounts? Think about it.

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First of all your need endurance. Do you know currently fiver update?
Don’t worry, you get your best order after fiverr update

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What does that even mean?

It’s not helpful to make things up. He’ll get orders because Fiverr updates? No. That’s absurd.