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Give me a tips for more buyer request


Respected client, Don,t waste your precious time hiring freelancer who does not provide quality of work for which they promise and commit to deliver. Hire mazharsher for best gwork, also for 100% quality and satisfaction. thanks

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You need to create GIG more then 1 category.


your right but my active 6 gig are different to each other


How is being active on the forums (or Fiverr for that matter) for 15 hours going to help him to get more sales?

This is awful advice that I keep seeing sellers with no experience recommending to other people. You do not need to be ‘active’ on Fiverr in order to get sales. You certainly should not be wasting 15 hours each day sitting around on Fiverr hoping that someone comes and orders from you. The whole point of creating gigs on Fiverr is that the gig does most of the selling for you, and people can (and do) order from you whether you’re online or not. It’s down to you to create high quality gigs that will make people want to work with you!

What you should be doing is using those 15 hours effectively. Improve your gigs, improve your portfolio. Work out where your target demographic are and figure out how you can illustrate to them that you are the best person to help solve whatever problem they have.


fully agreed., nice tips like it


Yeah i know if do not perfect gigs and Unicque Portfolio then impossible to get order on fiverr.
I just recommend him to active on fiverr. Its a very effective method for get order. But i don’t understand why your behave is rood ? Its a discusstion group man not rooding place.


My reply wasn’t rude. Giving people advice without having the experience to back it up can be dangerous. You’re telling people to spend 15 hours per day on Fiverr. That isn’t good advice. I’m sorry if you think that’s rude, but I’m saying it as politely as I can. If 5 people listen to your advice, they will waste countless hours sitting on Fiverr waiting for a sale that will likely never come.

If you truly believe this, then can you expand a bit more and explain why you think this is the case?


That’s not being rude, that’s constructive criticism. She saw that you were giving wrong advices (and not the first time though, I see it all over other topics as well)
The information in your advice doesn’t have any ground or data to prove that being online and active on the forum would help you to get sales and that’s absolutely normal for people to disagree and give other peice of information to consider.


thanks to all of you the intent of all you is positive you share your fiverr experiences i think order depend on seller luck, both method are good


I respectfully disagree with you saying getting orders on Fiverr is due to luck. As @cubittaudio said, “It’ high quality gigs that makes people want to work with you.” Until I wrote and rewrote my gig and profile more times than I care to count, I did not get many orders. I also was very careful that when I responded to Buyer Requests to address the buyers needs by telling them specifically what I would do for them.

@webexpertiqbal, I agree with others who said @cubittaudio was not being rude, he was being honest.


I honestly think we must have rewrote our gig description 10 times in the first 6 months.

We just re-designed all of our cover images.

We’re in the process of re-recording all of our audio demos for about the 5th time in 18 months.

It won’t be the last time we do it. It’s that ongoing development and improvement that helps sellers to stand out. We’re constantly trying to portray ourselves in the best possible way.

The ‘active on Fiverr’ advice is a pet-peeve of mine because not only is it clearly not factual, but you can see just how much time people are throwing away all in the hopes of doing the ‘right thing’.