Give me a tips I didn't get any order since 3 weeks


Hy everyone
Please help out in this issue


start sending requests from buyers requests


Awais, Do you think that should work?






Responding to Buyer Requests is certainly a good way to keep on top of it, and promoting your gigs regularly on social networks should be something you do as well.


share your gig on social media and also send buyer requests daily


Hi, just follow these steps

  1. High quality display image
  2. Professional display video for your gigs
  3. Provide a Complete description about your gigs
  4. Send Buyer requests regularly on related gigs only (Don’t spam)
  5. Promote using Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc …
  6. Create Youtube videos related to your gig
  7. Answer Yahoo question forums related to your gig



Well, for a start you should probably delete your $20-$40 content writing gig. You obviously don’t have a competent grasp of the English language. Worse, all you posting this gig does is say to potential buyers, “Look at me! I’m a liar! I say I can do lots of things but clearly I’m lying! Please buy my gig!”

That’s your main problem here. Take some integrity tablets, wipe those dizzying foreign $ signs out of your eyes and work on trying to enhance your basic reputability. You’re lucky in that you have a few fantastic review under your belt. Don’t ruin your chances by getting greedy.


Thanks magellon


Thanks Alot…


Thanks for that


for suggestion




Yeah 100%. I got my first order just like this