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Give me advice about bad buyer


Hi Everyone
This is my first trouble buyer so I am trying to know more from more experienced sellers.
I have buyer who ordered 2 simple pages on wordpress - 4 month ago.
I delivered the gigs and wordpress system was clean and pure.
After 4 months this user giving me chance to refund money or he/she will leave negative feedback.
I asked for proof that malware or anything bad was made by me but not him/her, but buyer said money or bad feedback!
I reported Fiverr about violation but I didn’t heard anything from fiverr yet.
And the point is that this buyer already left me a good feedback and 5$ tip)))

Please tell me what kind of BAD thing can do this person who thinks that can violate rules this way?
And what do you think what will do Fiverr with this buyer account after my report?

I still believe that Fiverr is safe marketplace for buyer and seller but sometimes this kind of persons are trying to make us feel bad.


The buyer can’t change their feedback without you starting the process off, and it certainly can’t be done after this length of time.

What Fiverr does with your report is up to them.

Nothing to worry about!

Good luck! :sunny:


After four months he can’t leave any feedback. Just ignore him.

He probably is going around to all sellers he purchased from trying to get money back to pay his bills or buy something new on fiverr.


Thanks For help)) It good to know that people are helping me with good advice! Thanks