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Give me advice about my gigs


Can you give me advice for my gigs? Thank you !



The Tips for Sellers forum is for providing useful tips and supporting other Fiverr Sellers. If you need feedback on your gigs, try the FAQ forum or Chit Chat. You’ll have better chance for responses there, anyway.


the intro about you is simple and nice but it should explain a little about what you do. your best gig is nice and direct on point


a. “You are on right place!” is incorrect grammer. It should be “You have reached the right place!”.

b. “I hope to help all of my clients and enjoy what they do.” Why do you enjoy what the buyer does? You have to enjoy what YOU do. change it to "enjoy what I do."

c. Change your title to “I will design an OUTSTANDING business card within 24 hrs”.

Others look good I guess. Your work looks good!

Wish you success!


I don’t know much about graphic design, so I can’t really say much about what you’re offering, but generally speaking good ad copy follows the same rules regardless of your field: make sure your writing is free of grammar and spelling errors; break large paragraphs into smaller chunks of 1-3 sentences; include lists where appropriate; write from the customer’s perspective; and always include a call to action (i.e., tell the customer to buy!)