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Give me advice for improving my gig!

Hi everyone! I’m a new seller here on Fiverr and I just set up my gig yesterday. I’d like to ask everyone here how I can improve my gig. I’m a bit unsure of the pricing I put, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

My gig


Hello, welcome to the forum!
Add some samples in your gig so the buyer knows what quality he/she will get.
Analyze other sellers gig, who offers service like you and describe your gig like them.

price is very important thing for new seller. to setup a good pricing follow the best seller gigs,similarly your category.

Thanks for all the answers, I’ll definitely look into the suggestions!

If you ask me you should do many change!
I think this can help you Best of luck:)


Thanks a lot! I actually have a video currently being reviewed by Fiverr, but in the meantime I made myself a thumbnail using Canva, and I’ll look in to utilising my tags and keywords better. Appreciate the help!

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