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Give me feedback on my gigs

I’m new here! hi everyone. Please can you kindly check my gig out and give me a feedback on what to improve on?
Thank you

Link your gigs if you want feedback from people :slight_smile:


Ok. thank you. I will link my gig later, fiverr locked me out of my gig for failed multiple login attempt

link your gig for feedback

Hi, here is the link to my gig Please kindly give me a feedback.

Commenting on blogs on behalf of clients is very, very unethical.

When someone reads a comment, they should know that it’s from the person who is purportedly sending it.

You’ve also called your gig virtual assistance but that’s not at all what you’d actually be doing.

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Thank you for your feedback. Any other suggestions?

Hi humanissocial, I actually specified that I am an OUTREACH VA. Is there any other stuff you feel I should ask?

You could change the bit that says “Choosing the later? you are on the right gig.”.
ie. you could change “later” to “latter” and maybe change “you” to “You” as it’s a new sentence.

You could also change it so it doesn’t have unlimited revisions.
Also you say “Click Buy Now to get started!” but you want them to contact you first. Also I don’t see a “Buy Now” button but there is a “Continue” button next to the price.