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Give me my refund!

Gig I bought gets cancelled, and I don’t get a refund. THIS IS FRAUD FIVERR!!! This is why you’ll never have a BBB rating!

Hi, I’ve moved this to the Ranting Pot, as you’re original post isn’t really a tip for buyers.

That said, in regard to your problem, whenever an order is cancelled on Fiverr, the balance of that order minus your $0.50 processing fee should be returned to your own Fiverr balance. If it hasn’t, make sure to contact customer support with your order number and details.

On the other hand, if you are upset because your funds have been returned to your Fiverr balance just not to your original payment card, I’m afraid that this is simply how Fiverr works. More importantly, this is detailed in the terms of service you agree to when signing up with Fiverr.

I hope that this helps.

It’s in your thing. Calm down dear.

Why did it get cancelled?Surely there’s more to this story, there normally always is, LOL.

A BBB rating is something that a local non internet company pays for from the local chapter of the USA based Better Business Bureau.

Fiverr is an international internet company without any local retail shops.

BBB is funded by the companies it rates as a way for unhappy customers to get a resolution to problems. ANY company can pay for this but it is not for internet companies. And it is only in the USA. I keep seeing people referring to BBB for some reason.

Because most people are stupid and do no research, yet have opinions. See BREXIT. Fiverr does have a BBB rating (shit ones, too), but that might be a different wing or something. Either way, here’s me not caring.

I see you are indeed correct about fiverr having a rating. They have not sought accreditation with the BBB. Since their office is in New York, people have filed complaints in that branch.

I read one complaint at random about someone in the Philipines who was providing adult chat services and had her account shut down. She wanted her money back.

Here was fiverr’s response:

Business Response: We have reviewed the complaint opened by *** . As mentioned to *** **** in her ticket request #***, Fiverr does not allow any exchange of adult oriented or pornographic materials and services. After further review of *** ****'s account is appears that, she has been providing her Gig services on *****, in which adult content is being performed. *** **** account will not be restored, but she’s welcome to get back to our Support team on or after April **** 2016 to withdraw the funds available on her account."

She later said she got her money back and was satisfied.