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Give me only 7 seconds!


hi there am new to fiverr but published a lot of gigs for logo designing so i just want you to have a look at my page it’s not like that you have to buy anything unless you want to…


@gatsby_1 I have bad news for you… What the two girls posted above is what everyone else is seeing, me included. Let me tell you why. You did change your description but it takes a while to update. Sometimes several hours. What you see is what you changed it to earlier. What everyone else is seeing is cached until the description updates. All you have succeeded in doing here is making yourself look very foolish by trying to cover up what you have done. @madmoo and @kjblynx are correct with what they posted. I suggest you apologise to both of them for making statements you know are not correct and everyone on this forum can see are not correct just by taking a look at your profile. If you browse your profile from a different IP you will see your old profile. you can stop this charade now.


and please if you can’t post any proof stop making these false accusations as it will be viewed by other sellers and buyers which can result in my failure on fiverr and plus i want an apology for making these accusations thanks. And plus I’ll be writing this to fiverr’s administration as an attempt to prove me a fraud, Thank you.


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks for your seven seconds visit but it will be interesting to see who is this person and can you post something like a screen shot of his description and my description for the rest of viewers to compare??


Reply to @kjblynx: if it’s the same please post a screen shot for comparing and i deleted my gigs just now because it’ll be my first order on fiverr and i have to go somewhere so i don’t want my responsiveness to be more than 2 hours to show


thanks for your accusations and may be i think i’ll b reporting before i delete this account because it’s of no use now to me…and may be you will try posting a proof before accusing someone not using photoshop to prove him/her a fraud later…


You mean this right??????


its right here


Look you both are my seniors on fiverr and am sorry if i said something wrong but i am new to this system am the person you should advice not accuse. Thankyou.


from madmoo to that seller:

Here, let me help you with your profile blurb. A lack of punctuation is as much of a turn-off as spelling errors:

Hi everyone, I have got my hobby as my profession for that i had to pass through a graphical designing course a year back in starting i did my work locally which helped with experience,customer dealing and most of all increased my skill.Now am here on fiverr serving you all.

Hi everyone.

I have turned my hobby into my profession by passing a graphics design course a year ago.

I then started working locally which helped me gain experience in customer service and improved my skills.

I am now here to help you.

You’re welcome.

now let see my description:

hi there, My name is shabab altaf and am here to help you out with your logos,I provided my services locally(you can check my gigs which are mostly based on those logos as a proof) now it’s your turn.

so how can she say that i copied his/her description can you find a single resemblance except these words “hi” “I” “is” “am” oh am so sorry i would have copied these words from him…


Reply to @madmoo: you should better have proof next time before accusing someone.


who is asking you to believe???


i knew it can be easily done and you’ll do it at some point so i just wanted to let you take your time and prove everyone that you can go to any limits


Reply to @kjblynx: i am not that stupid to not to judge sarcasm in a question and plus you haven’t done anything wrong so why are you worried for her maybe you should drop it and she should reply me if you are a top rated seller are you free to criticize anyone you want???


Reply to @madmoo: how can you proof this is legit if i would have not been replying you from my phone i would have posted the same definition onto your account and send it to you… and plus you would have posted it earlier so it seems like u asked someone to make it for you…


Reply to @madmoo: it’s like you hired someone to do it for you…didn’t you???


Reply to @madmoo: look lady i made my account a day ago and my description is same since then and if what you are saying is true why are you so afraid that i will report it to support???


@madmoo and @kjblynx:

Good catch both of you. His profile has not updated yet. If someone points out that you have the same profile word-for-word as another user, and you have only just joined the site, then you should check the other seller’s profile to see what is going on.

What you do not do is:

  1. Accuse others of accusations.
  2. Change your profile content.
  3. Misread posts as threats about contacting Customer Support.
  4. Claim that you are going to delete your gigs/profile because you “can’t take being accused”.

    Unless you have multiple accounts and got caught, of course! :-)) :-)) :-)) =)) =)) =)) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 8-} 8-} 8-}