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Give me order's

i really need a order am wating from 2 month am very sad now


Stop waiting, and start doing something. Do some brainstorming. What do you think you could DO that might encourage people to place an order from one of your gigs?

jonbaas i do socil marking gig links shearing but no order recived:confused:

You are NOT doing any social marketing, because, I bet all you are doing is posting your links on your social media accounts, and expecting that to miraculously result in sales. What you are actually doing, though, is just spamming your gig links to your friends. Your friends are not your customers, because, clearly, if they were, you would have plenty of orders – from your friends, and you wouldn’t be complaining about not having sales here on the forums.

Please take the time to figure out who your customers are. Who are you trying to sell your services to? Who needs your help? THOSE people are your target customers. Those people will purchase your services. Get out there and find those people!

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Just do marketing in a proper way…

JONbaas your right but plx give me some sites link for markiting i really need my gigs about photoshop work

I am not going to do that, because posting offsite links here on the forum is against the forum rules. if you want to learn more about marketing, you can conduct an internet search, and find plenty of articles on your own.

Do gig marketing proper way

Never Give Up And Have Patience. :sunglasses: