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Give me reviews?

I am new on fiverr created 6 gigs tell me please how to get first order

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You have spent less than 3 minutes reading the forum. Maybe you should invest a little bit of your own time into improving your own business before you demand that we tell you how to get your first order?

Besides, you should have some ideas on how to get orders on your own. Otherwise, why did you create a profile on Fiverr? Did you expect someone else to do the work for you?

For example, you can use the search function here on the forum to find a lot of really good advice.

Here are a few threads to get started:


thnks for guiding man

Welcome to the community @rehanmaqsood12

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thank you soo much @joelsmith2002

Welcome to Fiverr!
First of all, read the ToS - the most important part. Many people start to work and don’t read it, than get banned, than try to find answers…
Remember - Fiverr can became your main job, it can give you so many chances, so many possibilities, but respect other people and follow the rules.
And good luck! As Vibronx already mensioned, read this Forus and you will get many ideas

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thank you soo much @olyasr