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Give me some advice as a new freelancer

Hey there,
I am Subrato from Dinajpur, Bangladesh. hope you are well.

i am new here. give me some tips or advice.
how can I get a sale? and how can I promote my gigs?


Hi. Send Buyer request daily, Promote gigs on social media :smiley:


You create at fast a gig that use good keyword and attractive description and title. Properly send everyday 10 buyer request. Proper way to marketing social media and get first order. When your gig ranking then more more get order. Best wishes to you. Thank you


Hi @subratosaha007, Welcome To the Fiverr Community. Wiish you best of Luck.
The real thing you need to do is RESEARCH As told by @jonbaas

And YouTube is full of tips and this forum.


Promote gigs on social media, remain online most of your time on fiverr and make a good profile and description of your gigs.Send buyer request daily.:slight_smile:


How to send buyer request ?


THANK YOU :slight_smile:

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Send buyer request with proper and effective description. Share your gigs on social media. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to Fiverr and my advice for you would be to have patience and lots of it and do keep checking the buyer request section for potential orders.

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How to send the request to the buyers?

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It is a good suggestion. Thank you so much

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Tahnk you so much…

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it’a very helpful. Thanks…

you are welcome. :smiley:

How do you send request to buyers?

more and then buyer request.
there you can find buyer request section :slight_smile:

Send Buyer Request daily and Promote your gigs on social media and linkedin.
Offer unique service.


thank you :heart_eyes:

Lol :laughing: if you don’t know… So why create the Fiverr Acoount??? :rofl:

Thanks for advice bro. but i have learnt to give buyer requests too. First day you wont learn everything. it takes time. if you can not help please stay away.