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Give me some advice for my gigs

Hello. It is more than 3 weeks I am online here. But I didn’t get any order. Can you tell me what’s wrong ?

That’s my profile page - click here

That’s first gig - click here

That’s second gig - click here

Please give feedback to me. I am open to any, good or bad review.


Don’t expect to get orders that soon. It takes more than a month on average to get an order.

There are many wrong things.

  1. You got like 3 multiple same purpose gig. Everything is the same: same thumbnail, same text, same description. You just changed titles and that’s it. That is so wrong.

  2. Your prices are wayyy to expensive for a new seller.

  3. You are using most commonly used categories, such as logo design.

  4. It is your own preference for this, but you don’t offer any revisions on your Gigs, not at least one. This could also be a cause of not getting orders.

  5. Create original and different thumbnails. I’ve seen some of your used thumbnails many times before. It is either you pulled it out from the internet or you recreated by copying everything. Come on, be original.


lower your prices asap


Thank you for you information. I’ll redesign each of them

How much do you think I have to do it ? Before it I use 30$

see newbie competition… in your category

Okay. Thank you for your information

It took me about two months to get my first order, it’s normal. But also, you really need to lower your prices, compare it to other new sellers and reajust it.

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I’ll try it. Thank you for your review

Any new advice which you can give me?

Seems like you’ve taken the advice of previous replies on here. That’s good! Your gigs look fine to me. Logo design is a saturated market, especially here on Fiverr, but the web design ones look great.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else to do while you wait for that first order (the first one is always the hardest to get! It gets better after, really!). It took me about a month after I opened my gigs to get my first order, and then another three weeks of waiting after that.

Just be sure to be available whenever you can, in case of surprise messages from potential buyers, and always be professional (and friendly!) in your communication.

Wishing you all the best!

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Thank you for your feedback. It is really hard to get first order here

Okay I guess your rates are good all you need few simple steps
1- Make maximum of 2-3 Gigs initially with 100% skill level and should be very specific ( like a migration of Wordpress website to different Host ).
2- Don’t Copy Anyone’s Gig (If you are actually skilled you know what you offer and can also make Gig well).
3- Use keywords Wisely and make sure not to overuse
4- Send Buyers Request regularly
5- Keep yourself online
6- Spend Time On Fiverr

If you have done all above steps correctly. After a month I am sure you find this thread back and write good words.

Keep Growing!

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I’ll try to create new gig like you said.

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Any new advice ? I am here for discussing and can not get order so just give me your opinions.

If you have implemented all the advices, now you just have to stay online 8h a day and wait, be patient. It will probably take longer than a few days until you get your first order.

I am online more than 13 or 14 hours. And it is more than 1 month without a order.