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Give me some advice! :)

Hello World! I joined you recently. I have a lot of experience outside of the five. Give advice please :slight_smile: How can I get my first orders? What did you do to get your first order? Delites history :slight_smile: It will be interesting!

Here is my GIG:


Well you can start by not stealing content and showing it as if it is your own work… How am I supposed to trust you as a brand designer if you don’t show any of your own work but instead just steal an image from the internet. Your gig uses this image:

But that is stolen. The original project was done by Canadian design studio ByHaus for the brand Braindate.


OK. understand. i will delete.

i deleted. what else can you advise?

Good but its not just that. A lot of the things on your profile are dubious at best. Honestly, it seems like you are a beginner and that is fine, but be honest about that on your profile. Don’t pretend to be something that you aren’t. Show real original work on your profile. If you haven’t done any work for clients yet, you can make some example logos and brand designs to show your skills. Your profile bio says you have

820+ works. 5+ years of experience

Either back that up by showing your work or delete it if it is false.

Thank you!
I really have experience. But I work for companies, not a freelancer.

What do you think about the prices of my gig? I’m a new user.

I’m not going to walk you through every single step of your gig. There are plenty of resources on this forum you can look through and you can also take this course for free on Fiverr Learn.

But honestly, I would remove all the claims on your bio and change your gig so you show real original work. Do market research and work on marketing yourself.

Thank you! Good. Good luck!