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Give me some bot making ideas, get one free if it\'s really good


I’m robot/bot designer. made a few personal bots for customers, but I’m out of ideas for public bots.

Please give me some popular ideas/tasks that could be done on autopilot (using bots), and if it’s good, I’ll give you one free once I make it.

THE MORE DETAILS THE BETTER, AND IT SHOULD BE A PUBLIC IDEA. not necessarily related to activities on Fiverr website

I have a question too. is it ok to create a simple Fiverr bot? isn’t it against Fiverr TOS?

I don’t mean to spam. like a messenger that sends message to people who bought a -specified - service to advertise a similar one (If they can get messages - have a gig).


I would like a Terminator bot that says things like “hasta la vista, baby” with laser death eyes. I would use it to smite my enemies into lava lakes (this feature can be optional, as it may be illegal)

–Response Removed—

ha ha, you got another increase to your post counts !
I didn’t ask for BS.

Thanks Fonthaunt.

Actually that question was just a part of what I wanted.
The ideas aren’t limited to Fiverr website.
It could be any web task, for Web Masters or Internet Marketers.
Like, the one I’m working on is a WP installer on cPanel.

I’d be really happy to know about the ideas you say you have.
How would the - let’s say software - be useful handling orders in the last sentence?

Thanks again

Hey now, humor is always valuable around here!

Did I ask for it !? anyways…

You are too touchy for me, I’ve lost interest in your topic.

Or maybe you are and didn’t have any idea.
It’s ok tho :wink:

Wow, you are rude. I have removed my comments that were intended to be helpful to you. I have now lost interest in your topic and in being an experienced Fiverr seller and buyer offering thoughtful responses. Rudeness isn’t something a good community needs any more of.


I know, right? Try to pitch some ideas to a new guy (humorous or not) and get snarled at. :smiley:

Look who’s talking 'bout rudeness.
I saw you deleted it. The whole world shakes now !!
You are loosing everything since your last replay, Watch not to loose yourself, so called “experienced” user!

Come down, take a deep breath, go on a vacation in case none helped. you’ll feel better :wink: (you want humor in this community? that’s one).