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Give me some feedback how is my gig

hi you are welcome here in my world. I am a logo designer over 3 years but new to fiverr . can you see my gig and give me feedback ? how can I get my first order to start my service ?


Hey there! I may not be a top seller, but I thought that I’d help you out with some feedback on your gig!
Getting a steady flow of orders is extremely difficult. It took me quite a bit before I had my first sale (which was recent). It mostly involves your gig being eye-catching, clear, and TONS of promoting yourself on social media (or family/friends promoting you as well).

Just by looking at your gig, consider shortening your title down a little, adding the “unlimited revision” bit into the description box. I also (am assuming) that your native language is not English?

If you would like, I can assist you in making your gig description flow better? I’m all for helping a fellow Seller out. :slight_smile:

It’s really good that you’ve added bullets to your description, bullets are an awesome easy-to-read tool to use in your gig description.

In your description make sure you make the potential buyer feel welcome and free to message you before ordering.

Hope this helps!

I just wanted to say thanks for offering advice in this category. Many newer sellers ask for help but don’t offer help to others. Good luck!

Of course! And thank you.

Thank you very much morlynn for your valuable advice. I am going to take those down…