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Give me some feedback so I can meet my expectations with Fiverr

Hope everybody is well. I came to Fiverr with a lot of hope but now I am disappointed. I thought I would continue to work with Fiverr but after completing two orders in a year I can’t get any more orders. Now I’m deciding to get out of the fiverr,. Give me some feedback so I can meet my expectations with Fiverr.

Profile link is @md_taipo2
Gig Link :- Click Here


it’s good to have hope when starting something, and it’s natural to lose hope when reality says otherwise. but I think there’s always hope in fiverr, sustenance is set by God, you just have to try your best.

I don’t know what you have to offer in your gig, but I guess you should try to fix your gig, try to create reach to your account.

i am new at fiverr but i am trying to learn it as fast as i can,

lastly I recommend saving gig link or fiverr profile in fiverr forum profile, it will help a little increase your account reach.

I hope we are all lucky and successful


There is nothing to give you feedback on. You want to leave.

Should we applaud you? Should we say you are silly, deranged, in need of therapy?

I know getting work is hard and since the plague that shall not be named, everyone thinks they just have to arrive, put up a vague gig and they will be drowning in cash. They are misguided.

More info on who you are, what you sell, and why might help



Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment.

Thanks for the link

I will say that you say you offer “clean, Unique and Professional website” but the images are none of the above. Also, the pricing indicates the complete opposite of these three things.

You have to be consistent in all your messages or you make all of your messages look suspect, incl things you might be great at. Exactly the same with ALL the reasons you say I should buy from you, they become reasons to NOT buy from you. You trust your work so little that you give me infinite revision in which I might hope you get it right? :wink:

Your two reviews seem positive. If there really represent you, that should be what I am seeing in the gigs (instead of formula trust me I am good). That way the reviews match and I go, yeah not only do I feel good about this fellow but these people like me found the same.

WordPress is a saturated market here (and everywhere with everyone claiming to be the most expert of experts with lots of json, jpeg, jquery and the like. You have to stand out as unique for YOU and not just another j-person listing j-things.



I like your style , you cool man … great

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your welcome …

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Thank you again for your feedback. I have made some changes to my gig based on your feedback. I don’t know if I was able to do it properly.

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