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Give me some more idea about MARKETING

Hello Guys,

I am trying to do marketing to rank up my GIG by sharing link in social MEDIA. Is there any way more that, I can do marketing more & increase my gig impressions & everything?


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Do something that makes you stand out and get talked about by people who don’t know you.

Whatever you do, don’t just say "Hi, I’m Buffy and I can fix your vampire problem," to random people on social media. Chances are, they’ll just find that annoying,

As for what the thing you do to stand out is, that’s where your own creativity needs to come into play.


This may be helpful to you: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR


Finding a niche will probably be more productive in the long run.

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Google social media lead generation and organic marketing.

You need to learn the basics before advice and tips can be helpful.

Getting leads on social media entails much more than posting your gig.


“Marketing is how to deliver your value to someone who wants that value to solve problem.”

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