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Give me suggestion and criticism for my Gigs

Hello there, this is my first topic in the forum. So I am a new member here and want to earn money too like you guys, so I create 2 Gigs about design but I don’t know does it looks good or bad maybe the description isn’t very clear or the price too expensive or maybe too cheap, as a new member I want you guys to give me suggestion and criticism for my Gigs, thank you :slight_smile:

  1. Matching T-shirt design for couples
  2. Pop Art Portrait

I’m not sure about the title of the “I will create anything into a wpap pop art portrait” one. Should it be “I will turn anything into…” instead of “I will create anything into…”. or maybe something else like “I will create pop art from…”.


ahh you’re right, thank you

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For the first gig, maybe add a few more samples. The one you have is a good start.


Is the t-shirt gig “one design” a single shirt or ‘one design pair’? Maybe clarify in a FAQ.
You still have space for one more example! (Third gig, space for two if you remove the still-shot of the video example. Always check all your gig thumbnails from your profile.)
Unlimited revisions are never a good idea. (Animated logo gig, premium package.)