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Give me suggestion how to rank(Level 2)


Hope So everyone doing well. I need some suggestion from expertise. My gig disappear from first page. Kindly please tell me what do now?
Here my GIG: Vector Tracing or

Thanks for your valuable time


Really need help from experties!!!

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expert seller will never give you their marketing strategies. Do you imagine amazon sharing his ideas with ebay?


Hoping someone do help!!!

it is a common matter… but it is no fact… you will get order… do not worry bro


One month ago, my gig disappear from first page!! :cold_sweat:

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do not worry bro… are you edit your gig?

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Yes, I edit gig after disappear

It’s called Gig Rotation.

Fiverr rotates Gigs ALL THE TIME to make it fair for everyone.

If you read the Fiverr ToS you will discover that “Gig placement is NOT permanent” so there’s your answer.


Is there is anyway to improve the rank of gig

:cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:sorry bro… its your wrong decesion


It’s a common matter ,but it is not fact ,you will get order be active on fiverr forum .best wishes for you bro

sorry to see that :disappointed_relieved: how you lost your rank. I think you should talk to someone face to face

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wow targeting a new level

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Yes , May be bro . But I edit when my gig disappear :cold_sweat:

I am very worried about this!!

Don’t worry bro, it’s bot fact.

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What do you means?? which one level

Thank you… for your kind words

If you are providing best service to your buyers, you will get more positive rating. Fiverr will rank your gig and show your profile in search page.

Don’t worry about your level. Learn and work smartly to come in first page of result page.

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