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Give me suggestion to get an order

I created my seller account on June 2020 and I have 3 gigs in my account. Till now I send 40 buyer request with proper reply but still I don’t get any order. Please can you give me any solution or suggestion?

Here is my profile:


SEO and share your gig social media and 10 buyer request everyday…


Thank you for reply,
I made already SEO friendly one of my gig. And as a result this gig impression in last 30 days was 247 and click 2. My question is, Can I edit my gig? is this edit effect my current rank? and should I do my gig SEO or profile?

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Yes, this impression is too low you don’t get order now… thia gig maybe not ranked… so, you can edit now… :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. Stay online maximum time.
  2. Improve your gig description and SEO title.
  3. Use proper tags.
  4. Send daily 10 buyer’s request so that your profile would be viewed by most buyers.

Send 10 buyer request properly.


Share your gig though social media platform daily and reply your targeted buyer request daily .

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Same to here! I’m also waiting for an order shamim rahman.


welcome to fiverr family, plz read order related forum topics given by many great people I hope it helps u

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You’ll get a lot of copy/pasted replies that will repeat to you the same broken advices all over.

  • There is a few English mistake in your gig description. I suggest you try to correct them. There is not a lot of them, but still, this will help.
  • Work on you main gig image. It’s the first thing buyer sees, it’s what make them click on your gig. Make sure to make them look clean and attractive. Have a look at color psychology in marketing. It can really help you make your gig image more attractive.

Also have a look at this thread:


Have patience, and apply for buyer requests. You will get order soon

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