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Give me suggestions (my gigs is everything right?)

can you guys give me suggestion on optimizing my gigs. Please have a look on my gigs is everything right?

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Hi and welcome.

So you’re a Lawyer, a Relationship Expert, you Sketch, do Photoshop and Proofread?

I would say that your gigs are too many, too scattered and lack focus. As a newbie, you’d be better with 1 or 2 related gigs (ones you can do perfectly and quickly) and concentrate on them.

thanks voiceover. You can see that i am doing my work perfectly i made three sketches and got positive feedback, i did proofread and got money. So, still i should delete my gigs? And focus on only one or two? Kindly suggest

and please tell me should i only work i one category?

Reply to @atuldayal:

Please re-read my post above. Yes suspend all but 1 or 2 related gigs and focus on those. I think the fact that you claim to be a lawyer, a relationship expert, yet offer photoshop and sketch is a huge red flag. There’s nothing wrong with being a lawyer, but if sketch, or photoshop or proofread is something you do perfectly and quickly, then promote those and let the Lawyer and relationship expert part go.

thank you very much for informative advice. I will suspend those two relationship and lawyer. One more thing can you check my gig title and description? Is it right? Or i should write more in description?

what do u think about my images? I personally made it

@atuldayal You got good advice from an experienced seller, but he isn’t going to hold your hand and make all your decisions for you. He offered his opinion about what you should do. It’s up to you to either follow his advice or not.

hey celtimoon, i follow him.