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Give me Suggestions

I have three gigs.

  1. Creating the social media pages
  2. Management of those page
  3. Creating ads for the more engagements of those pages.

Buyer Ordered the first gig. I did the work… (order was completed)
then the buyer ordered the second gig (30 days order) 27/3/2017 was the last day… i delivered that gig.
Between this time we talked about the upcoming 3rd order like How will i start working on your next order, what informations i need for you… etc…

Now at the end… the buyer thinks that the third order is in this 2nd gig and i will create the ads in the 2nd order.
That’s why Buyer rejected the order.
What should i do now…?? I clearly said that we will do the third order for the promotion from the first date. But the buyer didn’t understand or what i don’t know.
What would be next step??? Any suggestions?

You should contact customer support, not here in the forum!

Try and reason, show screenshots, be polite and if it still doesn’t work contact CS as the last option.

IDK man, do what the last two people said. But you know, with an order in the works, you really need to keep the nice man happy or he might do nasty things.

There’s no hurt on re-explaining again your previous deal, and be professional as much as possible.

Try to explain again, in the really simplest clearest words you can imagine? Then add 'like we already agreed upon as you can see here (relevant quote from your previous conversation).
Else, yeah, well, what everyone said.

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@miiila @emmaki Forget it guys!! The buyer already accepted the work and gave the nasty bad rating. After 30 days of hard work… what i get in return is 2.7 star rating. That’s really unacceptable. :cry:

Ah well damn. But you could reply and this will make you eligible for a whole new category of buyers, the ones who find all-5-star-reviews suspicious.
Yeah, I know, but life goes on. :hugging:


Yeah… life goes on! As they said “You can’t satisfy everyone whether you give 100% of your time and hard work.” But still i am in that position now that the 1-2 bad review will not affect my profile. :sweat_smile: I am giving my 100% and that what matters!
PEACE! :v:

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