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Give me tips about buyer i have no idea about it

Hello, Legendary and top developer family of the world Fiverr Family , Give me tips about buyer i have most Experience about logo design calligraphy website convert into android application all work done within short time with low budget…What is way to continue my work at fiverr

Unfortunately, I am not yet “legendary”, so I will, alas, be unable to give you “tips about buyers”. Perhaps you can research your buyers on your own? I’m sure you will find plenty of information to inform you about the target market you wish to connect to.

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thank you brother your reply is most important for me you also motivate me for my work thank u

You’re welcome. Although, to my knowledge, we have never been related. I am, therefore, pretty sure that I have never been your brother. :wink:

I am, however, a fellow seller. I would prefer that you don’t use other terms to refer to me. Just saying, “thank you jonbaas”, or “thank you sir” would be reasonable and appropriate.


how are you developer, designer, programmers