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Give me TIPS about what I should DO!


I got an order with just some text saying I need this or that. But My Client hasn’t provided me any working file and started the order. I tried to connect him but he did not reply since its almost 16 hours past already and my order is forwarding to late. What I should do now??


Sorry about that.

You can message him and wait for him to reply.

When it’s 4-6 hours going late, I think you should cancel based on insufficient details to work with.


The client is not responding. I did wait for him. But he left me after starting the order!! I do not think yours one is a good idea. wHat you say!!coz If my order got cancel it will effort on my profile


yeah , but no buyer response ? so you will contact fiverr cs first :sunny:


Same thing happened with me…
After waiting 12 hours, I had delivered the order with some images, and messaged that “I have to deliver this because of deadline but don’t worry I will complete your project please contact me on inbox.”
And after 2 days the client had contacted me and then I completed his work then he provided 5stars review :heart_eyes:
Just be honest, client will support you.
Good Luck…!


Cancelling order will effect your profile…
If you are top rated seller then you can…


Why don’t you add a MANDATORY field to your “gig requirement” section where the buyer HAS to attach the files along with the order? I think that would help you out a lot! If you don’t know how to do that, you can go to the seller help center from the Fiverr homepage to find out.