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Give me Tips ! Buyer give me 3 star ratings

Hello Guys,
I am maria as digital marketing. My buyer give me 3 star review and he told me " I didn’t understand" . But now I can’t send buyer request. Give me suggestion What Can I do ?

Try to get more :star:5 reviews on the future that’s what under your control.

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Thanks. But I can’t reply for Buyer request

This doesn’t make any sense. I saw that the buyer said on the review that “was nice working with her”. I guess that’s a good thing to say, but it really destroys your account when your first rating is a 3 star :roll_eyes: . …

I don’t think there is anything you can do about the 3 star review. But what I’d suggest is every day spending a little time going to “buyer requests” on your fiverr dashboard to submit some bids for jobs. I’d sick to the requested budget and hope to get work and ultimately positive feedback. I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. Best of luck!

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Try to get more :star:5 reviews on the future. You can not reply any Buyer request because your rating is not good so try to get more positive reviews.

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Thanks for your reply Bro. My buyer didn’t understand review. He told me how i remove but it wasn’t possible.

Now I can’t reply buyer request. What can I do ? :thinking: