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Give me your opinion in my gig picture

hello, i changed pictures on my gig give me your opinion

I like them. The third pic, it seems that your intention is to show different vaping products, yes? You could make them stand out more by putting them in front of a one colour background, white for example. Just a background that isn’t so cluttered because the picture feels like there is a lot going on, I started looking at what is in the background, there’s a lot of stuff there but you could emphasize on the vaping products easily this way.

ok thankyou , and the gig is attractive or no?

It is. Personally I’d probably set the second picture with text as the primary pic that pops up in search, just because that makes it more clear as to what your gig is, at least I think big text catches attention. But then again it’s a matter of personal preference, a picture of you as the seller (are you?) of vaping products can also feel personal to people, so there are good aspects to both of these images, so that’s up to you of course.

Yes i’am the seller i taught if i put my pic as the seller, buyer will trust me more

Yeah that’s a good idea, too.

Thank you for your opinion

Nice picture, but most effective after clicking on gig.
When seen as a one inch picture on a search page, you can’t see what all the products are. So for the purpose of converting an impression to a click, the pic itself might not be helping.
I do like that it’s you in the pic and would def keep it as one of the gig pics, but maybe consider the main pic a close up of a vape cig or something like that . . .

Also I believe that if someone did a search for this, they would type ‘quit smoking.’ Therefor I think that should be in your title, replacing ’ stop cigarettes.’