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Hello everyone
Last few month i’m bit busy that’s why can’t spend much time at fiverr and this community. So take sometime and review my gig and give me your opinion regarding this gig.

You must spend time on this market, even after spending time, it becomes hard for some people

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You get out of Fiverr what you put into it. If you’re too busy to work here, then you’re too busy to earn an income. Being a freelancer here on Fiverr takes time, sacrifice, and deep determination and grit. This is not a site where you put up a gig and expect to become wealthy. That’s not going to happen. If you’re too busy to work here on Fiverr, don’t expect any sales while you’re gone.


The harsh truth…

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I’m trying to learn some new skills that’s why I took a break form Fiverr. I understand what you are trying to say. Now I can spend much more time at fiverr. So before I spend time here I have to know is there any problem have in my gig. That’s why need Your help. Thanks for your reply :+1::+1:

I don’t recall playing anything within this topic, that would need to be played again.

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Your gigs seem pretty solid, Kazi, you have great prices, informative description, and solid social proof.

I would add that you can attach a “FAQ” Section to your gigs in order to eliminate any doubts that might arise in your potential buyers. This might make the difference between an order and a missed opportunity.

Other than that you might want to work on your “Primary photos”. Make them eye-catching and descriptive of your gigs. A proof of your skills is important information for the buyers, but you need to first capture their attention. (If you need examples of what I mean you can check my gigs).

I wish you best of luck in your Fiverr career, but as @jonbaas said you, need to be willing to put in the work so you can reap the benefits!