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Give me your own opinion on my Gigs what improve my services

I am new here, plz give me some suggestion how can i improve my profile and get my first job.
this is my service link can you suggest me for better guide?


I looked it over.

You say you are a “professional YouTube video marketer” but I didn’t see how you can verify that.

Do you have a certificate from a course you took on the topic?

I’m just saying that you may want to be able to back your claim up.

I like that you have limited the number of revisions you offer as that is smart.

I think you can charge more than $5 for your Basic Package, but otherwise, it looks good to me.

EDIT: I see the Certified Digital Marketer notation in your profile.

That’s good.


Ur words nt only for the particular person but all of them who are coming in this platform.
Appreciated Sir

Such a Helpful person u r n ur words as well for this platform users

Please try to type the whole words. It will make your posts easier to read (plus you won’t look like a 12-year-old texting his friends).


Thank you sir,
your good advice