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Give Me Your Suggestions!

Hello Guys,

I am new in Fiverr, today i created my first gig! I am worried about this gig, please check and give me your valuable suggestions.




Where it says “with in” you could change it to “within” I think. You specify 25 pages (that might be too much for $5?) but you don’t specify a limit on the word count per page. You say “client satisfaction is our main goal” but in other places you say “I”. “Our main goal” sounds like it’s a team of people. It might be better if you don’t put unlimited revisions.

Also if you look at the gig image on your profile it cuts off some of the text in the image. You could try
making the image around 1.619:1 and making sure the text isn’t very close to the edge.

Also maybe adjust the package pricing to make it more worthwhile buying the higher priced packages. eg. someone could get 75 pages done by buying 3x the basic package for $15 which would be half the price of the standard package (which costs $30 and offers 60 pages).


make the thumbnail More attractive and Unique

Hi @typing_king welcome to the community!

thank you very much for your suggestion!