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Give new accounts a chance too, you will be impressed


First of all let me apologize for spamming this thread but I’m left with no choice because the system is rigged.

You see I’m an upcoming content writer here on fiverr. I deliver original quality articles that are well researched, but every seller leans toward the old accounts and they never give us a chance.

so if you are looking to hire someone, please give me a chance. My rates are still low as I am just finding my feet but the same cannot be said about my writing skills.

check out my fiverr profile or PM and lets get to work.

True that, new accounts should have a chance to get noticed!
I’m also creating original content and I put a lot of effort on my work! But, still, no views at all.

I do quality translations from English into Polish and i second the above. No hits. Most people won’t see your gig when you are new because the default filter will not show you at all. My estimation is that ~10% of buyers might notice and switch that filter to another setting and then you have your chance for success! Good luck!

You only have one review?

We have all been here as seller. We were all new sellers when we started. In fact, fiverr gives chance to new sellers by showing their gigs in the recommended section. Old sellers have to work hard before they see themselves on the first page. You need to apply to buyer’s requests daily. Soon you will get orders, from there it depends upon your work and ratings.

I think you should stop whining about rigged systems and focus more on growing your business. Everyone was new here once too.

Also, don’t spam other threads (or make posts) basically begging to be hired while simultaneously bitching about the platform. It’s not a good impression to set, whether or not you’re a great writer.

Remember, you’re a freelancer, this is a marketplace. You know how it works. Go hit up buyer’s requests and stop whinging.

yes for now, i am new on fiverr. Buyers seem not to like new sellers but I assure you I deliver absolute good quality articles on any topic.

Nobody wants to work with someone who is desperate. This kind of posts do more harm than good.

actually you couldnt be more wrong @mariokluser, I got my first 2 gigs from this post, one of them even tipped me double for the job I did, every one has their marketing strategies and mine worked so speak for yourself. Now that I made some sells I have reference points: mission completed!

Good. Whatever works for you.