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Give Sellers Control Over Which Orders Are Accepted

I really think Fiverr needs to implement some kind of review process for sellers to have a chance to review orders before they are placed. I have clear messaging in my gig for interested buyers to contact me before placing an order, and yet I am CONSTANTLY receiving new orders without any notice. It’s not only the fact that this sometimes leads to excessive time pressure, but also the fact that buyers can completely ignore the gig requirements and pressure sellers into doing a lot of extra work for free, or expecting us to complete an order without the required information. I know that it’s possible to cap the number of orders at a time but that is completely useless in this situation and sellers are punished for buyer negligence when we have to cancel orders. It also opens us up to abuse of the rating system if a buyer is not happy when we try to work the situation out with them.


I’ve always said that instead of the green “SELECT” button, seller’s should have the option to enable a green “CONTACT ME” button.

If buyer’s are not into discussion, they can move on to someone else, no big deal; since you don’t want someone to place order without discussion.

If buyer wants to discuss they can contact you to ask questions. If you’re not available to answer, the buyer can move onto someone else. Again, no big deal, since you want to be contacted first.

I don’t understand why 5r hasn’t implemented this option yet. It makes perfect sense. Only time, will tell if that will have any effect on sales.


totally agree on this thought ! seller should have control over what order they want to accept…
in current case seller have to g through pain in either way…some time extra work and on cancellation they have cancellation rate on profile !
Its should be more like invitation or request to seller where seller can accept or ignore with reasons or can mutually start new separate order…
luckily my most of buyers always drop me a message before they place any order, but not all the time !


I used to have that problem when my gig was only for that 5 bucks. After raising basic gig pricing I was left with fewer gigs but customers quality and understanding what the gig is about was raised significantly…


yes thats true… but I faced a case were I had a buyer whom I used to sell cartoon for $5…after a year he I raised my price to 10 and he came back and place order without any message where he added 2 character on same gig cause my price was $10 :smiley: and when I asked him about that he said every one doing in $5 and we used to too…:confused: and that time I had to give him that for $5 again cause I didnt wanna cancel that order !


There is always that button that prevents people to contact you anymore :wink:

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I’ve found myself using that button a lot recently, but there’s still nothing you can do as far as preventative measures, which I find ridiculous.

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I agree that it seems a rather one-sided equation where a seller is somewhat forced to accept a job regardless of whether it is good business or not. They have a word for that :wink:

My assumption is that Fiverr are more interested in income than things being great. They aren’t the only ones.

Maybe some day these places will realize that being short-sighted is leading them to failure once someone else works out how to do it properly. For now, all the places are as bad as each other.

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Totally agree with you.

Fiverr always supports buyers more than sellers without understanding their side of story.

Yeah agree with you.
Hoping to see this option in future :joy:

Which part?

I’m kinda weird, but personally, I don’t like being forced to inbox, message someone. I would skip or filter the sellers that have mandatory message and go with someone who doesn’t have it enabled.

I like the fact that I can easily order a gig without much fuss. That’s what makes this site unique. I do inbox when I need to confirm something, but that’s the only time.

I don’t have time to inbox and request permission to order. I’m not going to wait for a response, that could take hours or days.

You can always double your price and put in CAPs/highlight “for a discount of $xx.00 contact me BEFORE ordering.”

There are probably issues with that too, but just a suggestion.

I dunno, 5r seems to be doing very good. Besides, as a long time buyer, the one and only time I tried to cancel a $20 order was a nightmare. I just swallowed the pill and considered it “cost of doing business.”

Customer support did not make it easy. That particular seller was horrible.

Search the forum and see how many buyers complain that customer support only cares about seller. Buyers are as disgruntled as sellers are.

They say a good compromise leaves everyone unhappy. Therefore, 5r CS must be doing an excellent job - since no one is happy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That “want no one to order without discussion” part.

I’ve had some issues with this, but not many. What I do is I create a gig package that is low effort and specific, but also write to contact me for everything else in the description, that way people who don’t read descriptions can just go with the gig package information, and the rest will have to go the inbox route.

I guess I’m leaving out people who want something more as a package but with video and audio editing which I do there’s just so many variations that 3 packages can’t cover it, but also many details that could greatly impact the workload that the customers are not aware of.

Also if a contact-me-first gig is $5 it’s just an invitation for people to click it based on the title without thinking.

Yes this is a good idea as the cancellation is harming sellers but I have buyers who place an order than tell me that they placed order by mistake it was a fake buyers who try to ruin the rating system I think this is an issue which is need to be solved

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Contact customer support- they can probably help.

I don’t know- buyers can blackmail us sellers, affect our ratings and cancellation rates, make us work for nothing, steal work. All that we can do is cancel an order (in which case you get your money back and our cancellation rate is affected) or leave you a bad review- but nothing would stop buyers from making new accounts.

And the reverse is true for sellers! I know for a fact that there are translators that use google translate, and when they are caught, simply create a new account.

If a buyer blackmails you, all you need do is contact CS with screenshots, and they will cancel the order, and it will not affect your rating or cancelation rate. I know because I have done this several times. :slightly_smiling_face:

How? If a buyer asks for more than my gig offers, I simply send a gig extra. If they do not accept it, then I choose to cancel and take the hit to my stats, or I do the work. Either way, it is my choice. :wink:

However, I usually choose to cancel as I will not be manipulated, and I think that this kind of buyer has “friends” that they share the names of sellers who can be manipulated. I do not want to be on that list. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But when sellers make new accounts, there back to square one- no ratings, no trusted contacts.

But then you don’t get the money- and depending on the scenario they will still have work (though they may not have the rights- that won’t stop some of them!)

But the problem is- if you’ve already worked then once again, it’s wasted. Also, you’re stats shouldn’t have to be affected just because somebody wanted something else.

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That is true.

I was talking about the blackmail or work for nothing scenario. If a buyer threatens you or tries to make you work for nothing, you simply send the screenshot to CS, and they will cancel the order before you even do any work. Why would you choose to work for any buyer that treats you in this way? :thinking:

It is still your choice how you handle the situation.

As I said, when I cancel for this bully type behavior on the part of the buyer, my stats have never been affected. But if you allow a seller to bully you and cow down and do the work to avoid a poor review or an effect to your stats, then soon you get a reputation as being an easy mark, and their friends will come to buy from you too, and you will suffer from the same results.


When I’ve dealt with buyers like this, they have only blackmailed/threatened after I’ve delivered, through the use of revisions, but if you haven’t done the work yet, then fair enough.

If you cancel through CS, which is fine but only becomes a problem when like I said, you’ve already done the work.

Good point.