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Give some opinios

I am new in Fiverr. I complete one order successfully. Now how can i get more order.
Please give me some tips to get more order.


Hello @pure_deaign
Congrats for completing you one order successfully.
And the main thing is, that always active online and send buyer request every day.
Then you will get more orders.:blush:

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The best tip I can give you to “get more order” is for you to take the time and learn how to market and promote your gigs. YOU are responsible for gaining customers. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to do you work for you.


It is a bad idea to present “advice” that guarantees orders. Nothing on Fiverr will guarantee success to anyone. Sellers need to take responsibility for their own success, their own marketing, and their own customer market.

Always being active online will NOT guarantee orders, nor is is necessary for the acquisition of orders. Sellers do not have to be online in order to get work.

And sending buyer requests is hardly a guarantee either. Most new sellers are lucky to get even one client through BR.

Please do not post false advice just to seem helpful.

The only way to gain orders is to build a strong seller reputation worthy of orders from your customers who see your gig services, and working hard to market and promote your gigs to the target customers who need your services. Nothing is free here on Fiverr, nor will anyone achieve anything without hard work. Sitting around waiting for orders is NOT hard work.


Thanks for your tip :heartpulse:
Next time i will mind it.

Great… this is helpful

You can Improve your tags which will help buyers to find your gig easily.