Give some special tips


Hello, I am Abdullah.
I posted first gig here … so can anyone tell me special tips for me


Take time to read through the forum and you will find lots of tips. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope. Only serious sellers who have already researched how Fiverr works are qualified to be given “special tips”. Do your homework, and then you may find some “special tips”.

In addition, this post does not belong in “Fiverr Tips”. It has been moved to the proper forum.


thank for your good advice and did you visit my gig …?


ok thanks to you…


Your gig looks fine to me. You just need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order.


thanks to you…did you visit my gig…?


thanks to you…good luck to you


You’re welcomes to you.

  • The grammar of the captions of your video is substantially wrong.
  • The video ends showing for three seconds the brand “Stupeflix”.
  • In your video and in two pictures out of three the “Activate Windows” watermark is clearly visible.

Your description is untidy. You better use a simple bulleted list.

In your FAQ section I read something unclear:

Have you any demo?
wow just show me if you have … don’t worry if you have not,i will give you that


One thing I would suggest is to hire a person who would write the gig description for you.
Try searching “gig description”, a lot of sellers are providing that service here at Fiverr.


thank to you to visit my gig and i also improve my gig properly…