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Give some suggestions how I can rank my gig on first page?

Please check my gig and give some ideas how I can rank my gig on first page

I think only buyers can rank your service.


Are you buyer/seller?

You need to please Fiverr’s algorithm which is about as secret as Google’s. Before you start thinking of spamming it, it will be just as resistant to all the usual hacks. Then every now and then Fiverr rotate who is able to rank on top to give new people a chance. All this says that you cannot control how you rank directly.

What Fiverr want to offer to Buyers is a list of proven Sellers who match the perceived wants of the Buyer. Being a successful seller makes that more obvious. Being a seller who never sells anything or does with lots of cancellations and 1-star reviews is not such a good fit. This you have some control over.

I always think that professional and $5 do not belong in the same ballpark, let alone sentence. I will be my usual blunt self and say that with 15 years of experience, I would expect to see things that feel more real-world clients than these images which feel like student work. Not that they are bad per se just that they don’t feel like real business work. That along with stupid low pricing, 24-hour turnaround, and the perennial stinky fish of infinite revisions coupled with promises you are friendly and will refund me when it becomes clear that you could never deliver (there was a thread about unlimited revisions yesterday - read it) make me confident that you would not be the seller for me.

Work out how to be attractive to real people who would want to buy from you - and that could still be me if you built a good sales process (and of course deliverables to match) and do that.


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I am a new seller. Why do you ask?