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Give some Tips to get the first order

Hi, I’m new in fiverr. So, I can’t understand that how to get an order from fiverr. I want some tips and tricks from expericen brother and sister who are the successful in fiverr.
Please give me some tips and tricks to rank my gig, and get order.
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Tip number one: Don’t refer to unknown people as to sister, brother or dear.
Tip number two: Do a research, use search function on a forum.
Tip number three: See how many competitors you have in a targeted market. If it’s beyond 10k, go for a sub-niche.


Hey , there are many forum post related with this topic . follow those post and hope it will help you .Thanks !!

Thanks for your good suggestion.

Firstly, try to be active most of the time in fiver.
Secondly, send the buyer request properly and daily basis
thirdly, respond as soon as possible
I think it will be helpful for getting orders.