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Give suggestions how to get make sells sales

Hello, Fiverr community!

Here is my new GIG. Looking for opinions and suggestions on how to make sales!!

It’s almost breakfasts time in my country so I would like to get some income.


My name is Marina , and art in any form is MY PASSION !

I love hand-drawn art, but I feel that some art deserves to be traced to a vector format✔️, so it has an opportunity to shine even more and reach more viewers around the world.

:arrow_right: It is highly unlikely that printing or marketing agencies will accept PNG as a good quality photo for marketing and printing purposes.

:heavy_check_mark: THEY NEED VECTOR, SO YOU NEED VECTOR! :heavy_check_mark:

#handdrawingtovector #logotovector #logotracing #vectortracing #vectorization

Kind regards.

*To my English proofreading friends, all here is deliberate, starting from the title, I am testing something, I tried with the professional title but no response :smiley:


all time active onln…/////

Thank you for helping me.

Ohh, so if I am online active all the time I could have more sales??

What do I do with sleeping, do I outsource that or?


Morning for drawing, vectorising when sleeping :sweat:

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@cherboub I already have rendering during sleeping.

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So when we can get the final results?

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You stop sleeping. Instead, you adopt vampirism and drink the blood of people who do sleep to stay forever young and productive.

The easiest way to do this is to move to a touristy area where new people come and go all the time. This way, the locals are less likely to rise up and go all Van Helsing on you.

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It is all funny haha here on the forum then I get serious order for business logo and branding from the company I worked before so I have to turn off “fun Marina” and switch to “PRO mode”.
But keep typing people, love to hear more suggestions on how to make SELLS (somewhere in this world misscryrstal is rolling her eyes out)


If use SEOs rank gig. Right? I best give advice.


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I searched my engine for optimization but I do not see how will that help me to make sells?

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Put keywords in, they will helps you muchly. You try make title with 1 keyword. I think you not unstand me.


Not sure how long I can keep this up. I think I’m starting to regress my English language ability. :joy:

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Then don’t and give me honest opinion on the drawing in the GIG? What do you think of them? Style wise and precision. It is all hand-drawn, I just did vectorization. This is the most important question here, more then the gig and sales.

Like I said this is very important and SENSITIVE question. Regarding the art. It is all original handwork, no tracing what so ever.

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You if make more clear these question?

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The drawing art and my GIG thumbnails and description, opinion?