Give the Life to your photo, painting


Hello, I’m Daina ( Have you ever seen talking photo. Yeah! I know, you have seen them on animation films. Can you remember the film “cats and Dogs”? Crazy cats and dogs are talking… I think this is the chance to give a great gift to your loved ones in this valentine season, It’ll be a special gift for them… :x

Thank you!


You can Contact Me for more details… Special offers for forum buyers…( Please inform me)


Hello! Welcome to the forum.

You have a very nice gig out there, I collected it. :wink:

Although, this is the wrong place to put it. Please advertise your gig in the ‘my gigs’ section here

You can edit the post to change that


Daina aka Expert_Girl provides QUALITY and EXCELLENT graphic design artwork. She is a true artist! You should check out her work! You won’t be disappointed!