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Give tips for new seller

My one question - how to get more impression on fiverr gigs.


Impression is not your major target. Your main target is to get an order.

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Thanks for your suggestions. :pray:

good curiosity. But Impression is not a vital point. If your gig is staying right now with great SEO your impressions, click, view are increased. So you can get order from fiverr. Thank you.

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Lot’s of others asked the same thing. Check out some of the other posts on this topic! There are a ton of good tips already there :wink:

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My top tips:

Have a simple and bold gig image that will stand out from the rest. I recommend one-two images and large, bold text. Make sure your titles are clear and impactful. Use one impactful adjective in your title and make sure it is clear.

Hope this helps

Very very thank for great tip.