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Give Us 30$ Add-Ons! Whose With Me?!

For those of us who offer higher priced services, the jump from $20 to $40 is a big difference. In my experience, I have found that $40 is just a bit overpriced for certain things so I have to keep these add-ons at $20 even though the effort and time it takes exceeds a $20 value. Buyers on Fiverr go into the site with the mindset that they will be getting great work for a reasonable price (hence the name “FIVErr”) so it is difficult to justify a $40 add-on, especially for first time clients. $30 is a lot pretty a number and I think a compensation that is well-deserved for a lot of my services and services that a lot of other Sellers I see offering for $20. Some of us actually rely on Fiverr for a solid amount (or more) of our income. At the very least, Level 2 Sellers and Top Sellers should have the option to have a $30 add-on readily available. Thoughts?

I always complain to myself about that. It makes no sense and is such an inconvenience, i guess they want you to just go ahead and charge the higher price of $40. I still don’t see whats the point anyway when you can just do custom orders with clients and charge whatever you want.