Give Us Gig Images


We’re not all graphic designers, and thanks to your demotions, some of us had to spent money paying for new gig images.

This is wrong. You should give us gig images, even Facebook can let us turn a quote into an image

Example below:


But… isn’t this the entire point of Fiverr… providing a directory of skilled freelancers that can provide work that you can’t do on your own? How many people do you know who have every skill, and can do everything equally well? We all have our own talents. If you’re not a graphic designer, and you need graphic design work, then hire someone who does, and is.

Businesses invest in talent all the time. Why wouldn’t this be true for us sellers as well?


Some people just have what you showed, some large words on a background. You can also find some fantastic graphic artists for $10.

A TRS writer in India we know took a selfie and uses that in all his gigs.


Imagine you live in a poor village in Uzbekistan and are trying to create your first Fiverr gig, and you can’t because you don’t have a gig image nor can you afford to pay someone else to create one.

That’s the reality for many sellers, and while it’s fun to hire each other later on, it would be nice to have some placeholders for new gigs that might not even sell.

That’s his style, it’s not necessarily everyone’s style. A gig image is a piece of advertising, and nobody wants to see me striking a pose, believe me. This body wasn’t made for any catwalks, runway, New York’s Fashion Week, etc.


You’re a very clever smart guy. I’m sure you can come up with some graphics. I don’t see anything in your profile picture that would be repulsive to buyers, on the contrary. You have a pleasant friendly look.

I see you have videos in all or most of your gigs. There is a way you can have a frame from the videos show as your thumbnail images. I don’t remember what it is now but it’s something about starting the video or loading it into fiverr in that particular frame you want to use as the thumbnail. That would solve your problem.


But you are neither a poor seller from a poor village in Uzbekistan, nor a representative of the new Fiverr sellers who are “downtrodden” and “unskilled”. I find it odd that only a few weeks ago, you were enjoying your lofty status as a TRS-level seller, and now you are suddenly “standing up for the little guy” who doesn’t have graphic design skills.

Let’s not be over-dramatic. Your example is an unrealistic extreme. If even a seller from a poor village in Uzbekistan happens to have internet access (which a poor village isn’t likely to have in abundance), and has chosen to use their worldly business skills (which they would not have developed in a poor, isolated village) to work as a freelancer in the global gig economy (which they likely didn’t even know existed), they’ll find a way to develop a gig image that fits their gig (whether they learn to create one themselves in Paint, or hire an expert designer to create).

If new sellers all started to use the same “placeholder graphics” because they lack the skills to create their own, then Fiverr would become filled with copies of the same exact gigs, with the same exact images… and it would cease to be the marketplace for creative, inventive, unique freelance services that it is right now.

Let’s retain a little perspective here. Just because you feel wronged by a level demotion does not mean that Fiverr, and the great people that work here are circling the drain. Fiverr is doing just fine, and the people that need graphics work can find plenty of willing sellers to hire that will gladly design graphics to make their new gigs pop, sparkle, and shine.

Fiverr doesn’t call this the “Gig Economy” for nothing. :wink:


You really don’t need any special training in graphic design to create a gig image unless you’re providing a service in that department. All you need are the dimensions (specific measurements) for the gig image and use whatever program you have access to to create an image that describes your services. Depending on which device I’m using, I will either use Illustrator or MS Paint to create my gig images.

Nothing fancy just to the point imagery.


1+ vote for your suggestion.

Long ago I found some gig related graphics/Premade images in Fiverr Affiliate programs. Those were open to free use.
It would be a nice if Fiverr does a partnership with something like Canva.


With so many gigs on Fiverr it would lead to a lot of duplicate gigs since everyone would be picking from the same library. I also think it’s not that hard to come up with a unique image. In addition to what others have said PowerPoint is another great option. Even Word comes with a bunch of templates these days. Royalty free images aren’t that expensive either :slight_smile:


They definitely wouldn’t sell if they all had the same placeholder images provided by fiverr.
Why not have an image that announces

It would eliminate a lot of competition however and serve as a type of warning to buyers, particularly when appearing on design gigs.


For your information, there are many sellers from poor countries, there’s one from Nigeria that only does Fiverr when he can buy enough gas to power up the generator for 5 hours.

Secondly, I did not create this thread to talk about my level demotion. I created it to discuss an idea that would help a lot of sellers who don’t want to use their own pictures or pay other people to create gig images.


Grabbing a red background and writing some text doesn’t make it a duplicate gig. PowerPoint works for some people, but that crappy program takes forever to load and then crashes. I also don’t believe that writers should be designing or that designers should be writing. Do what you know and then you won’t get in trouble, or at least not so much trouble.

You do, you need an understanding of composition, light, darkness, typography, balance, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t know. If you want a quality gig image, you have to pay someone else to do it, otherwise you end up with crap. Most of my gig images were created by other people.

  • Canva

  • Adobe Spark

You’re welcome.


How does he stay in touch and deliver and do the work if things are so desperate he has to only work when he can buy enough gas for the generator?

I’m in U.S. and still have to have two different internet companies to have reliable internet service at all times. I couldn’t work on the internet if I didn’t. We have to, at the very least, keep our messages answered within 24 hours.


I don’t know, I read his story on the Fiverr blog long ago. Nigeria is famous for brownouts, so he needs the generator for those occasions when the power’s out.

Don’t know how you do it, Comcast is more than enough for me. Last thing I want is another internet bill. If the internet goes down, then I use my iPhone’s Wi-Fi to connect. It’s not ideal, but it works pretty well.

Your suggestions are appreciated, but I am a freaking writer, not a freaking art director. I do not want to see hundreds of templates and pick one. I believe that if I want Thai food, I go to a Thai chef, I do not go to Burger King and demand Thai food. If Fiverr gave us 5 placeholder images to use, that would be wonderful, we could use them until the gig starts making money, then we hire someone else.


I have to switch back and forth all the time between the two internet companies. I have no choice.


Canva and Adobe Spark are designed to be end user friendly. The creation of content process is kept simple so that a wondrous piece can be created without the headache of cluttered options. Not only that but they walk you through the process.

You don’t have to be an expert to create something eye-catching just an eye for recognizing things that look good. That said, if you wish then maybe fiverr could open the option of using the Getty Images thing and allow sellers to sample the stock imagery for their own gigs.


I have to admit I’m having a hard time understanding your anger.
If you need to get a gig image, you can always contact a seller here.
Many people offer great images at $5 or $10, I am guessing you can afford that.
You can try creating your own image, maybe even take a photo of yourself, your PC
screen, something like that. If you are offering art related gigs it might be hard but for your
gig I get the feeling it can’t be that difficult…


I will prove my point visually.

This is the crap I designed myself.


This is what I got for $5


You cannot tell me that I can go on Canva and do this myself. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

My anger is because I don’t like having to spend $5, or take my photo, or use a crappy image while I await a professional to deliver his work.

My anger is because Fiverr has stupid rules, such as every gig requiring a gig image and yet they don’t give us placeholders for those.


Let’s be realistic, when you run your own business you always have to invest something, whether it’s your $5 for your image or subscriptions to various sites etc.
For the past couple of days you have been complaining about various issues. Many can sense your negativity and anger. Perhaps you should take a break and evaluate your situation to see if this is something you really want to be doing or if it’s not worth your stress.
I mean this in the nicest way possible. You don’t want the negativity to reflect on your clients or business since some of your buyers might be reading the forum too.