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Give us Monthly Statement for our Taxes

In America, earnings above $600 a year must be declared to the IRS, so it would be helpful if every month we could download a statement that shows the money we made, and the money we spent on gigs from others.

Just a thought, it’s true that you can tell your accountant to declare general earnings, “i.e. I’m making $500 a month on Fiverr,” but God help you if you’re audited and it turns out you were making more than what you said.


I Agree as well.

Agree, paying taxes is important not only in US.

fastcopywriter, but can’t you see money in/out directly in your payment system?

I simply export my paypal transactions to excel, and there you can sort columns to have all the Fiverr related credits/debits in the chronological order.

Reply to @kornilov: That’s not a bad idea, I’m gonna try it in the future.