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Give worth to your time that spent on fiverr

Always believe in making true and honest relationships and forget the consideration of your Gig (i.e. $5). We spend so much time in chatting on social networks/friends, most of the time only for the sake of time-pass and in actual got nothing to remember.

I can assure you all, if you start taking your clients (buyers) in a way that it would be a life-time business relationship which would also include; business ethics, humanity, honesty, professionalism, commitment and sincere advises, then it would not be the case of earning $5, in fact you will start giving worth to your own time which would worth a lot more than $5.

In nut-Shell; Start giving worth to your time by delivering the best you can and treat those $5 only as a bonus.

Totally agree with wasqasali, I am spending time understanding my buyers requirements, which builds trust, and I can help them better if I know their story. I hope it is reflected in my feedback too!

“Treat the $5 only as a bonus”, what a GREAT piece of advice! It’s a bit hard sometimes to put so much effort into something for such a small amount, but you are so right! It’s so much more than just the $5 that you earn. I always treat my customers friendly and personally and 9 out of 10 clients are delighted and promise to return. The other 1 out of 10 is usually a cynical, always mad, unpleasable guy named most likely Ebenizer, whom I treat with the same warmth nonetheless. I like what I’m doing here and I want the people I work with to feel the same joy. It’s wonderful! :slight_smile:

I still think it’s too bad we don’t even get 5$, just 4$ :confused:

Reply to @bamboob:

1$1 is Fiverr Money and its their right as they are providing us such a superb marketplace where lots , lots, lots of client willing to pay for a great service. Remembers buyers at Fiverr are actually buyer who order first and the ask this and that…Whereas on other freelancing sites, buyers are willing to take some interviews or a long discussion before paying some up front cash. So i think taking $1 is really acceptable if you are a good earner. :smiley:

Totally agree with you !

My Dear Bamboob,

Although, I agree with linkwheel_links, that its Fiverr’s Right, but considering $5 as your legal income, you may treat that deduction of $1 as tax on your income as well. Its all about how you make yourself satisfied.

Greast post and also very true. This kind of place is a new idea at the moment, but will soon become the norm for making money online, and those that start early and get good reviews will lways have clients to work with, no matter how crowded the market gets.

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I totally agree with you waqasali… Fiverr has become another social network unknowingly… because here we build relationships and friendships… although the outer layer is a business community… This virtual business experience is also very valuable for life… Here, people learn people skills, negotiating, bargaining, working on deadlines, specially working with a responsibility… and many more… Fiverr is a wet ground for many young ones! Cheers Fiverr!

Couldn’t agree more, great advice!

very well waqas i agreed with u

i totally agree, building relationship to your buyer is the best way to sell more on fiverr, we dont know 1 person can be 1000 people, cuz he will recommend you to others…

I also totally agree with you building relations with buyers are always beneficial not only for you business but also as a social relations.

I am in total agreement with you, Waqasali. In fact, from a newbie buyer’s perspective:

I can honestly say that I look for a very specific type of seller. First, last, and always an artist. This type of person takes pride in their work, and is honest about their ability. I have a low income and watch every penny (However, I have spent over $100.00 already in gigs.) but if I find someone who can do the work I need, and whom I like and feel is trustworthy I am pretty loyal :slight_smile:

Loyalty is appreciated! Sellers often have repeat customers if they have great products and good service and we sellers appreciate the loyalty!! Thank you!

Reply to @startselect: Yup, the first mover advantage…

There is no amount of money that could describe or put a worth on what I do for my clients, my payback really is the final delivered family tree to my clients as I know that it will last a lifetime

tn5rr2012 - I do it for the cash but the bonus is the knowledge I have helped a business succeed!

I always try to have a conversation with my buyer :slight_smile: However,some may find this annoying

Reply to @rodesigners: yes why some buyers gets angry if they saw messages instead of delivery…:slight_smile: