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Give your Buyers a reason to wait for you

I’ve been looking at Fiverr gigs and sending inquiries to different Sellers for a project I’m working on. By far the worst response I’ve gotten is: “Hello! Thank you for your message.”

That’s it. No follow up, no comment on what I’ve asked them to do, not even an indication as to when I might get an actual response. And this was from multiple sellers, not just one. Some have been sitting like that for over a week!

I understand that you want to keep your response time low, and that’s fine, but you need to give your buyers a more substantial response than this. Even if it’s a canned copy/pasted “I’ll be with you within the next 2 days” response, it is far better than just leaving it at “Thank you for your message.”

After being left hanging for a week with no follow up response, I no longer want to work with some of these Sellers at all. That is not the impression you want to leave on your Buyers!

Give your Buyers a reason to wait for you rather than a reason to move on to your competitors.


@markadamsdesign Maybe you should consider yourself lucky in a way. When I get a question or request I respond with great detail plus I always send prepared samples, PDF files, guidelines for what he needs to give me in order to talk about order, basically a lot of homework. Even one of my portfolio images starts with emphasis that a hiring designer on Fiverr is teamwork not paying for artwork (unless you like my portfolio and want something in my style random made). I can not create if I do not have guidelines.

Fiverr should be like Degas, you want a house I draw you a house, you like it or do not like it, but everyone will agree it is a house.

If people treat Fiverr as Picasso, and you tell me to draw something, I will draw it, but you will say it doesn’t look like a house, and I will say it does. Just a different perspective.

So my client needs to talk back, communicate, draw a sketch, give me a color guide, something.

So far this approach got me the best customers. And a large number of those who never replied after I bombarded them with homework.


This is true! I certainly am glad I’ve been able to weed out the Sellers who are more interested in maintaining their response rate than investing in their customers.


“Thank you for your message”?! Is that it?!

I at least say: thanks for your message, can’t help you right now. And one can make a quick response to that effect, so it’s not any extra typing.

Well, on the bright side, @markadamsdesign - you’ve probably dodged a bullet on the “thank you for your message” brigade.


I’d rather get a high response time than respond with something useless like that. If someone picks sellers for their response time, then I’m not sure I would like to work with them.

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Some sellers receive dozens messages a day. Some receive hundreds. You could’ve gotten someone really popular multiple times. That’s a thing to consider.

“Thank you for your message” is pretty cold, though.

I would receive dozens of messages a day before I doubled my prices. I don’t miss those times at all, it was close to impossible to manage on my own. Even if you have a canned response (which I do), you still need to customize it based on every message you receive. It’s a work, too, except you’re not getting paid for it specifically. Some potential buyers would slip through the cracks. Thankfully, not a lot, but I did get a few angry messages for failing to respond (or failing to respond in a manner a potential buyer would find acceptable).


Even if they are super popular, as someone else has said, they could easily have set up a Quick Response:

“Hello! Thanks so much for your message. I’m currently backed up at the moment; if you could give me some time to review your request, I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks again!”

No need to customize. You could edit it to be less vague - change “as soon as I can” to within two days, a week, by the next year, whatever. Despite being canned, it’s far more courteous than “Hello! Thanks for your message.”

I have a “thank you” that’s been sitting in my Messages since May 16. As a buyer, that tells me to find another seller. I don’t know if they’re waiting for me to respond or what, but if you are leaving your buyers hanging, that’s a terrible first impression.

The seller is literally telling you to find someone else. By hoping that you’ll drop the matter.

As for why they don’t just say that they are not interested, some buyers handle rejection incredibly poorly. Sellers (especially younger, newer ones) are fearful to provoke an aggressive response. I’m not saying it’s a professional way to behave but well.

If it happens a lot, something might be wrong with the inquiry you’re sending out. It’s either confusing, complex or maybe would require multiple people to asses and respond.

And no, I’ve been yelled at (in caps) for being “cold” so I’d highly recommend customizing the canned responses. No need for a celebratory parade but at least do show that you’ve noticed that the person introduced themselves and do read through to get some basic knowledge about the project.


If it happens a lot, something might be wrong with the inquiry you’re sending out. It’s either confusing, complex or maybe would require multiple people to asses and respond.

For the record, my inquiries introduce myself, that I’m interested in their Premium or Standard offering, includes a style sheet, and the question “Do you think you can do something that matches this kind of style?”

The literal response I got to that question is, “Hello! Thank you for texting me here!” and nothing else.

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I have a feeling that if you find someone with a good overall rating but fewer reviews who is online, you might come across a person who is eager to chat and work with you. I hope it works out. Definitely sounds a bit out of tune with this whole “I get no orders!” atmosphere of the forum.

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Fiverr’s system is awful for that. Sometimes you use a quick response but by the time you can actually answer you have received X new messages and some inquiries may get lost in the shuffle.

I’m praised for my customer support on a daily basis and still I have this happen to me…so some buyers out there may have had a awful impression of me, when in reality I’m not ignoring them…it’s just there’s a whole new pile of new messages on top of your now buried message.

Don’t be the: “Hi, hello, are you there? Tell me when you’re free” every 2 minutes buyers, but if it’s someone you would like to work with just send a friendly reminder.