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Give your buyers more than what they need


Hi this is Rizi I am serving as a Graphic designer on fiverr. I am sharing one thing which i do to make my customers more than happy.To make your buyers more than happy you have to respect their ideas and try to give them more than what they need, Always ask them about What is their idea what they want their logo to look like ? In the end , do two concepts one based on their idea and 2nd based on your ideas this will make your job easy and your buyer will be happy with your services and he/she may use you for future projects :slight_smile: Hope this tip will help lot of new designers :slight_smile:



There is only so much you can – and should be – doing for $5. Yes, do what you can to make your buyers happy, but also be aware that, if you wish to be successful long-term, don’t lose sight of the limits of your gig. If you make a habit of giving away extra work for free, buyers will soon realize that they can take advantage of you, and they will keep asking for more and more work until they are happy. This will frustrate you, and waste your time.

You should have limits on what you will do for $5, and you should enforce those limits. Be friendly, be kind, be helpful, but NEVER make a habit of doing everything for $5. This is bad business, and will not result in a profit.

Here on Fiverr, every $5 service should be equal to about 15 minutes of your time and work. If buyers want more than that, they will have to pay for it. If you’re giving away 30 minutes or more of your time, and unlimited revisions for only $5, then you’re not managing your Fiverr business very well.


I like to take the extra step and add more characters and details in my reading. I’m very kind with my readings. I also encourage other sellers to do the same.


You are right but i think as a new seller you have to do something extra for 5$ once you reached at level 1 or level 2 then you can increase your package’s price .


Treating fiverr as a business in this sense would in my case mean, spending 5 minutes max on 5 dollar orders, that would mean i would make almost as much as i would at an entry level job cleaning toilets etc.