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Give your gigs free social media boost

Fiverr gave me a lot. Actually it changed my life and way of living.
Its time to share something on the forum that might help others a bit.
There are great tips like-

  1. Of course customer care is the 1st thing
  2. Offering free stuff for great recommendations by buyers
  3. Responding to buyer requests.

But what I am sharing here
You can drive load of social media traffic and also improve your gigs visibility
direct from search engine results.

There are free apps that you can utilize to get hundreds of social media shares like tweets, youtube views, tumblr blog posts and backlinks. Here is a site that I use pretty often
After publishing a fresh gig try to drive some social signals and traffic and hopefully it will give the very important initial boost. Thats the best part, there are free coupon codes available here and there. And you can spend 2-3 minutes a day to collect free ad credits for *********** .
Next you can publish videos describing your gig and use a similar site to drive traffic.
Here is one site that you can use for wholesome video marketing

And dont forget to share your gigs on your own social media profiles once your gig is live.

Hope this helps